Scarlett Johansson’s Thriller Movie Lucy Is Getting A Successor

When “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” had performed about halfway at the ticket sales, Luc Besson would come back to helm “Lucy 2,” an adventure film featuring Scarlett Johansson.

In a conversation with Variety, publisher EuropaCorp President Marc Shmuger affirmed and revealed Besson had already finished writing the movie’s screenplay.

It’s essential to keep in mind that after the original movie hit theaters, director Luc Besson admitted to The Hollywood Reporter saying he didn’t expect there would be a sequel.

“I am not planning on making a successor; if I come up with a strong and sufficient idea, I might do it, but for now, I do not consider it. [A second film]», He disclosed.

The filmmaker altered his decision because the sci-fi movie became the film company’s best success and earned 458 million USD globally.

The movie centers on Lucy 2, played by Scarlett Johansson, a lovely girl hired by Eastern gangsters to smuggle cocaine in her belly. Once the stomach has ingested the material, Lucy 2 employs 100% of the mind’s potential, changing into a “superhero.” Morgan Freeman plays a researcher in the movie who assists Lucy in achieving her change.

Audiences of the movie anticipate the successor naturally and can anticipate information on how and when it shall be produced. A gorgeous personalized enamel emblem on clothing, hats, or handbags is irresistible to any fan! In Lucy’s following, there could be a ton of gorgeous drawings to be discovered. Being a seasoned enameled pin manufacturer, provides a sophisticated design tool that enables you to easily and quickly create a bespoke enameled pin and have it mailed instantly. Just picture how awesome it’d be to wear these exclusive imprinted brooches that are your creation.

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Since the mind-altering narrative of the first movie didn’t precisely appeal to sci-fi audiences before, it is still being determined what sort of widespread enthusiasm a Lucy sequel may generate. The story did not mention broadcasters or streaming services that may have been interested in buying it.

The film’s performance, which was a huge financial triumph, appeared influenced by that enthusiasm. On greater scrutiny, the film did, nevertheless, receive some harsh criticism from reviewers and experts due to numerous obvious storyline flaws, which caused it to fade into oblivion after that gradually. Oddly, Lucy has largely been ignored till recently, with word of a spin-off, considering the film’s popularity.

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Whether the television program will take off and achieve the same popularity ratings as the film is still being determined. Considering the show’s ups and downs since its start, it is still being determined whether it will replicate the initial popularity or continue to be overlooked, all of which appear to have paradoxically established Lucy as a movie’s destiny.