Pote Galvez In Queen Of The South – Explained!

In the USA Network television series Queen of the South, Pote Galvez (played by Hemky Madera) is a loyal and trusted worker to don Epifanio Vargas (Joaquim de Almeida). He is also a top member of her drug cartel. In this article, we will take a look at the character of Pote and his role in the series. 

Pote Galvez first appears as a member of the Sinabola cartel in the pilot episode of Queen of the South. He was one of Epfanio’s most trusted lieutenants. He is often seen carrying out her orders and is also shown to be very efficient at his job. 

Later in the series, Pote becomes Teresa’s right-hand advisor and plays a vital role in becoming Teresa as Queen of the South. In the whole series, Pote is a cold-blooded killer and is not afraid to kill anyone who gets in Teresa’s way.

Who is Pote Galvez in Queen of the South

The Pote Galvez is one of the most important roles in the web series Queen of the south. In Queen of the south, Pote Galvez was a special operation member who worked for Sinabola Cartel Don Epifanio.

when the series keeps going, the role of the pote changes over time. His vision was to work for the business doesn’t matter whom he worked for. As Epfanio becomes busy with politics in the middle, he joins with the lead role of Queen of the south – Teresa. 

In the whole series, pote is shown as a very clever and calm man who handles every job very efficiently. But in a serious moment, he is an excellent shooter and responsible man. Overall, Pote Galvez was one of the key roles of the series in Queen of the South. 

A Brief Explanation of Pote’s Role in the Queen of the South

Pote Galvez’s role was different in every season, but he was one of the lead characters in every part of the series. For example, in the beginning, pote was Epfanio’s man and becomes Teresa’s person in the next season. But ended up as a family man. Let’s see how potes role changes over the season, 

Season 1: Pote Galvez Works for Don Epifanio

Pote Galvez was one of the trustworthy men of the head of the Sinabola cartel Epifanio. He was serving his loyalty to the business for a long. But things got complicated when Epifanio planned to get connected to the government and join the election. For that, Sinabola’s cartel head gets busier with the election, and business is starting to get down. 

As Epifanio’s wife, Camella did a lot to grow his husband’s drug business; she left her husband and went to texas to expand the business. Here, Pote Galvez remains with his boss Epifanio. 

Meanwhile, the important secretariat diary of Epifanio gets missed by his one man and goes through a girl named Teresa. At that time, the girl was caught by Epanio’s men, Pote Galvez and Geto, but Teresa got a gun, killed Geto, and escaped. The girl manages to hide the diary and is caught by Camella. 

When Camella got success in doing the drug business, she got a plan to run his business on her own and won’t tell about Teresa to his husband. After that, a lot of things happened, and Teresa got Camella’s trust and became Camellia’s right hand. 

You may wonder, what is the connection between Pote Galvez and Teresa, and when does it occur? Does the brotherly relation take place? 

When Teresa becomes worried about her security and plans to sell Epanio’s diary and gets caught by Pote Galvez, this time pote is Epanio’s man and takes Teresa to an unknown place, forcing her to tell him about the hidden diary, but the girl shoots the other men and points the gun at Pote Galvez and seeks help for escaping. Here Pote Galvez gets close to Teresa and partners up with her. 

Teresa deals with Camella by sharing the sacred diary and offering a business partnership. At that moment, Teresa and Camella become a partner in doing drug business in texas, and Pote Galvez becomes Teresa’s right hand. 

Season 2: Pote Joins Camella and Teressa

In season 2, there was nothing special role for Pote Galvez. In this season, the loyalty of the Pote to Teresa is shown up; he is always concerned about Teresa and stands by Teresa’s side. But there are a lot of things that happen in this season. Camella got trapped and caught by police and was sent to jail. 

After that, Teresa learned that in the documents of her partnership, she is the company’s owner, and Camella is the shipping company’s owner. At the moment, Camella is in jail; she manages to deal with a new dealer, supplier, and distributor. Everything becomes in her hand. At the end of the season, Camella and his husband Epifanio get a matchup and invite Teresa for a meet. 

At that time, Epifanio tries to shoot Teresa but gets shoot by Teresa, and for that, Camella and Teresa become enemies. They leave the plot, and Camella becomes governor as his husband was governor before dying. And Teresa becomes a free woman with her own business. Here, Pote Galvez was still with her side. 

Season 3: Pote Galvez Becomes Teressa’s Right Hand

After season two, Teresa started to expand her business with Pote Galvez by her side. Here, Teresa meets a crypto banker for her to make a safe transaction. Make a financial deal and find that that person is trafficking girls. After that, she planned to rescue the girls, and with Pote Galvez and her partner’s help, she managed to rescue the girls and money both, but of this action, Europe becomes no longer safe for Teresa and Pote Galvez to do this business. 

Teresa and Pote Galvez came to the USA again but now to Arizona. It was not easy to settle down in Arizona as there are other giants who do this business. Teresa manages to make a deal with them and start doing business safely as Pote Galvez is by her side. 

Meanwhile, this time, Camella plans to come back to the business, and after so many incidents, Camella manages to regenerate her power in Mexico. After getting the power of Mexico, Camella sets a trap and sends her men to capture Teresa. Unfortunately, Teresa was outside that day without having Pote Galvez next to her and got caught by Camella’s men. 

When Camella’s men take her to Mexico, she finds her old ex-boyfriend inside Camella’s prison. At that moment, Camella torture brutally Teresas boyfriend in front of her. Later, Pote Galvez comes back to Mexico to rescue his friend Teresa. Pote manages to rescue Teresa and her boyfriend, but some time later, Teresa loses her partner due to a serious past torture injury. 

After that, Teresa concentrated on Colombia, and Camella was her opponent. Then many incidents happen, and Teresa manages to successfully escape danger as Pote’s loyal hand is always by her side. In the end, Camella loses her supplier and distributor while Teresa starts to rule the drug business in the Phoenix Corridor.

Season 4 & 5: Pote Galvez Saves Queen of the south And Both Leaves the business

In season four, there was a major role for Pote Galvez. The season was messed up with so many actions, killing, and establishing powder. Here, Teresa plans to establish her business in New Orleans and messes up with so many people. She even gets injured in this season and in medical planning to get killed, but here Pote Galvez saves her again. But after so many barriers and killings, Teresa finally manages to do her business in New Orleans. Now, her target is new york. 

When pote and Teresa try to enter the new yorks market, they face so many difficulties as so many enemies are out there. This is for Teresa’s power in the drug business. Here, Teresa finally realizes that she has to leave this business in order to have a safer and happier life. But there was so much risk out there as she is a big name in the drug business, and almost everyone wanted to kill her to rule out the business. 

There was a moment when Teresa got to know her most trustworthy person, Pote Galvez, who is in love with Kelly Anne, who was her personal assistant and she was pregnant. After knowing this, Teresa lets Pote Galvez and Kelly Anne go to a safer place and enjoy their life. When Pote leaves Teresa and enjoys life with Kelly Anne, Teresa starts facing trouble in her business and fails to leave the business for her life risk. For that, she keeps doing business and gets into a trap in new york. Meanwhile, someone called Pote Galvez that Teresa was in trouble, and for the final time, Pote Galvez went to that place and saved Teresa from that spot. 

After that, it was shown that Teresa got a sniper shoot and died, and Pote Galvez got caught by the cop. But after 4 years, when Pote Galvez gets released and goes to the spot where he leaves Kelly Anne, he sees a baby and starts playing. And then he saw Kelly Anne and got to know that it was her baby. In the end, there was a twist, Teresa was still alive and had been living with Kelly Anne for four years. Her murder was an act to escape from risky and bloody business. And finally, Pote Galvez, Kelly Anne, Teresa, and his boyfriend started to enjoy their life. 

How Hemky Madera Wins the Audience’s Heart as Pote Galvez

The role of Pote Galvez in the Queen of the South was played by Americal Actor Hemky Madera. In this series, the look of Pote Galvez was like a real Cold blood serious person. But not only his appearance spice up the series, but his acting skill was also fabulous in this series. 

Pote was shown as a trustworthy, serious person, and here Hemky Madera did his job awesomely. There is no scope for saying that Hemky Madera is acting in this series, but he is an actual person made for this series. His role as a serious man who seems a calm guy until things go wrong and as a soft-hearted family man, he wins the audience’s heart. 

The Significance of Pote Galvez in the Series

Pote Galvez was one of the most significant roles of the series; he saved the Queen of the south so many times and was the best advisor. With his assistance, the lead role goes too far and later becomes the queen of the drug business in the south. 

In the series, pote was a very responsible man who managed the situation cleverly and also a man who is an expert in escaping as well gun fighting. So, definitely, there was so much significance.

From start to end, Pote’s role was so solid. He was a good worker, advisor, brother, and husband, and most importantly, a soft-hearted trustable human being. You may forget the other lead role when the series goes on, but potes role will stick in your mind. 

So, It can be said that without Hemky Madera as Pote Galvez, the series won’t be that much super hit. 

Other Important Characters in Queen of the South

When it comes to web series, there are a lot of different characters that play a role in the story. However, there are some characters that are more important than others. Here are some of the most important characters in the Queen of the South web series.

Epifanio Vargas [Joaquim de Almeida]: Epifanio is the head of a powerful drug cartel in Mexico. He is a ruthless leader who will do whatever it takes to keep his business running smoothly. The series started with Epifanio, a powerful drug lord with many leads. And the journey of Teresa started with Epifanio’s secret diary, which helped her become Queen of the South. 

Teresa Mendoza [Alice Braga]: Teresa Mendoza is the central character of the series. She gets trapped in the world of dark for her first boyfriend, who worked for don Epfanio, and later she runs for her life. She ends up in the U.S., where she quickly learns the ropes of the drug trade. She eventually becomes a powerful drug lord, and the series follows her as she tries to expand her empire.

Camella Vargas [Veronica Falcon]: Camella is Teresa’s main rival. She is also a powerful drug lord, and the two women are constantly at odds with each other.

James Valdez [Peter Gadiot]: The series’ male lead, James Valdez, is a DEA agent who is investigating Teresa. He is a complicated man who is both attracted to and repelled by her.

Kelly Anne [molly burnett]: Kelly Anne is Teresa’s right-hand woman. She is fiercely loyal to her, so she becomes Teresa’s finance manager when the previous one is found disloyal. 

The Queen of the South is a gripping and action-packed series that tells the story of a woman who rises to the top of the drug trade. It features a strong female lead and is a must-watch for fans of crime dramas.

Final Words

The Queen of the South was one of the most exciting and thrilling web series ever released on the OTT Platform. Here the main character was Teresa, but the supporting character was equally important in this series. As a supporting role, Pote Galvez’s role was one of the most significant, and he nailed up every season with his expression, acting skills, and solid personality. So, if you don’t have watched the series yet? Why not? Enjoy your leisure time with a thrilling web series like Queen of the South.