How To Get Instagram On A School Chromebook?

If you have a school Chromebook, you will always want to access your favorite social media sites like Instagram on that device. Instagram is now the most used social media portal. Many teachers and parents agree that social media is a big distraction for students. But the hard reality is that our minds wander from one place to another, so you want to spend some of your lunch break scrolling through your Instagram and other social media.

Benefits Of Having School Chromebook For Students

Chrome is an excellent alternative to Windows or IOS-run devices. Due to their affordability, many schools have been conscribed for Chromebook programs. There are tremendous benefits to having Chromebook for students in this age of EdTech learning.  

  • It helps all students have the same resources on the EdTech level playing field.
  • It helps students to focus and collaborate with one another.
  • Easy for both students and teacher
  • Bost student’s technological skills 
  • Suitable to school due to its affordability.

Why Does The School Block Instagram And Other Social Media On Your Chromebook?

Many parents and teachers believe that social media is a big distraction from learning. Therefore, it should not have any place in the classroom. Social media inspired several unpleasant incidents of bullying, harassment, inappropriate staff circulation, and gossip like Instagram. 

There were many instances where the school authority was sued for cyberbullying using school devices and Wifi. And thus, many educational institutions block particular social media sites on the Wifi and their personal computer.

Why Do You Need To Get Instagram Or Other Social Media On Your School Chromebook?

Sure, there is some downside to social media, but there are some positive aspects. For example, Instagram can be an excellent place to enlighten students about arts and culture to students. Moreover, it can also be an incredible place to plan and assign team projects easier. 

There are ongoing arguments about whether restricting these insta-like social media platforms is suitable for students. Still, they can have tremendous educational value if utilized intelligently. 

In this age of technology, getting around these school restrictions is way earlier than you might think. Below, we will discuss five ways to get Instagram on your school Chromebook. 

5 Ways To Get Instagram On A School Chromebook

1) Download a VPN 

One of the most well-known methods to use Instagram on your school Chromebook is downloading and installing a Virtual Private Network or VPN. 

Several VPNs are available, but not all provide equal services. For this, you must choose those with available server locations in countries where Instagram is not blocked. Once downloaded and installed, open up the VPN software and look for servers where Instagram is not blocked. 

As you have selected your server, it’s time to press the connect button of your virtual private network server. Now, you should be able to connect to Instagram using your school Chromebook. 

2) Use a proxy server

A proxy server is a middleman between your school Chromebook and the internet. When you use this kind of server, the traffic goes through this proxy server and then to your destination. 

This server can bypass any restrictions. If you want to unblock Instagram on your school Chromebook, here below, we have outlined a few steps for you. 

Firstly, finding a good proxy server is vital, as many others are available on the market where their speed lags. 

Next, you must enter the proxy server’s address into your computer’s settings. Next, you need to click the “show advanced settings” button. Afterward, you need to select the network sections and click” change proxy settings.”

Now, in the connections tab, click on the LAN settings. Here, you can enter the proxy server’s address into this field. 

Finally, press “ok” to access your Instagram account. 

3) Turning off the school firewall

Most schools block social media sites to restrict students from wasting their time during school hours. Thus, the school administration places a firewall on the student’s computer. 

If you want to turn off the school firewall system, you will need to contact your IT administration to disable the firewall on your device. 

Many schools have strong policies on turning off the firewall; you may get into trouble if you use it without permission. 

4) Using VPN or Proxy Server extension

There are instances when the school administration blocks installing new software on school computers. They tend to monitor programs installed on the PC and sometimes may include screen recording. 

This makes installing new VPS on your school Chromebook difficult, but you can still access your social media portals by simply installing a VPN or Proxy Server extension. 

There are several good options for VPN extensions available across all browsers, like MozilaFirefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. 

5) Using Tor Browser

There are instances where the School’s Wifi blocks access to specific social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc. You can install Tor Browser on your Chromebook to get over this hardel. However, this software is not 100% secure and lags the internet speed but is quite hard to block. They create a different unique IP address and work like a proxy server. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have discussed the five best ways how to get Instagram-like social media sites on school Chromebooks. You will need to understand that the school controls your Chromebook. They will also restrict certain websites from being accessed by students on purpose for studying. 

As our school system blocks these sites, you can get around this blockage by downloading a VPN or using proxy servers to get access to your favorite sites. Of course, if you have any further queries, you can always take heps and suggestions from experts to learn more about how to get Instagram on your school Chromebook.